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EIT RawMaterials Hub Regional Center Adria (RC Adria) has been established and started operating in spring 2018. Its founders are Geological Survey of Slovenia, Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute and Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Zagreb. It represents a hub for mineral raw materials stakeholders primarily focused on Slovenia and Croatia with the outreach to South-East European countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia). The presence of the EIT RawMaterials in South-East Europe is essential due to the richness of primary and secondary raw materials in the region and is well-aligned with the EU communication on enlargement perspective and enhanced EU engagement in the area.

RC Adria is acting as an interface between the local ecosystem (knowledge triangle of academia, institutes and industry as well as authorities) and EIT RawMaterials, enabling access to information about EIT RawMaterials projects and activities. One of the main objectives of the RC Adria is to encourage networking, project ideas exchange and offering support to potential new partners of the EIT RawMaterials community. It represents informational »one-stop-shop« for EIT RawMaterials knowledge transfer. At the same time, it connects local raw materials communities with their international EIT RawMaterials counterparts.


RC Adria is connecting regional stakeholders with knowledge innovation community on raw materials and acting as a KIC outreach in the region, attracting stakeholders to get involved in activities and become a part of this world's largest community on raw materials.


EIT RawMaterials

EIT RawMaterials, initiated and funded by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), a body of the European Union, is the largest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide. Its vision is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe. Its mission is to enable sustainable competitiveness of the European minerals, metals and materials sector along the value chain by driving innovation, education and entrepreneurship.

EIT RawMaterials unites more than 120 core and associate partners and 180+ project partners from leading industry, universities and research institutions from more than 20 EU countries. Partners of EIT RawMaterials are active across the entire raw materials value chain; from exploration, mining and mineral processing to substitution, recycling and circular economy. They collaborate on finding new, innovative solutions to secure the supplies and improve the raw materials sector in Europe.

There are six regional Innovation Hubs in Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Poland and Sweden, called Co-Location Centres (CLCs) that represent different regional ecosystems connecting industry, research and education.

EIT RawMaterials aims to significantly enhance innovation in the raw materials sector by sharing knowledge, facilitating matchmaking activities, developing innovative technologies and supporting business creation.

EIT RawMaterials will generate a significant impact on European competitiveness and employment by driving and fostering innovation and empowering students, entrepreneurs and education partners driving towards the circular economy. This will result in the introduction of innovative and sustainable products, processes and services, as well as talented people that will deliver increased economic, environmental and social sustainability to the European society.

More on EIT RawMaterials website: https://eitrawmaterials.eu/


About the EIT

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) is an independent body of the European Union set up in 2008 to boost innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. The EIT brings together leading higher education institutions, research labs and companies to form dynamic cross-border partnerships – Innovation Communities - that develop innovative products and services, start new companies, and train a new generation of entrepreneurs.